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The Elderton Wines Blog

South Australian Cold Nights, Warming Reds

by Karli Currie Autumn is now well and truly upon us, Easter has been and gone and winter is coming… (Game of Thrones pun intended). With vintage done and dusted for the Barossa the enduring heat that we had over the early months of this year now feel eons away. Whilst the days are still… more info

Ode to Lorraine – the story behind the wine

As we approach Mother’s Day, we always like to say thanks to our mum, Lorraine, for everything she achieved whilst at the helm of the family company – for her passion, dedication, hard work and prudent decisions, as well as everything she has done for us as our mother and grandmother.  Our thanks to mum became something… more info

Busy Barossa – Barossa Vintage Festival

by Jess Ruciack The buzz is building as we head into one of the Barossa’s busiest times of the year – Barossa Vintage Festival. There will be so much to see and do this week, so it is the perfect time to visit our region and experience the celebration that is Vintage Festival! BAROSSA VINTAGE… more info

Elderton supports winemaking students through scholarship

by Jess Ruciack Are you a winemaking student, or do you know someone studying winemaking? Then keep reading! Learn about the Elderton Winemaking Excellence Scholarship and meet our 2018 Scholarship recipient, Imogen. Elderton Wines is a family owned and operated Barossa winery, and the Ashmead family has been committed to supporting our community for many years…. more info

Tips for visiting the Barossa in Autumn

by Jess Ruciack The Barossa is a fantastic place to visit year-round, with each season having its own perks. If you are planning a visit to the Barossa this Autumn, we’ve put together some information that might be handy and some insider tips and thoughts on what to see and do while you’re here enjoying… more info

Cam’s blog – It’s Vintage!

by Cameron Ashmead Vintage is now in full swing in the Barossa. 2019 has not been the easiest of years in the Barossa with lower than average rainfalls a bit of frost in November and some wind at fruit set. Then we had a few heat spikes in January and February, but with all of… more info

Vintage release – 2015 Command Shiraz and 2016 Ashmead Cabernet Sauvignon

by Jess Ruciack 1 March is an exciting day on the Elderton calendar. It is annually on this date that we release the newest vintages of the Command Shiraz and Ashmead Cabernet Sauvignon! Allister Ashmead, Co-Managing Director of Elderton, notes, “The team at Elderton always looks forward to 1 March, the date when the new… more info

Does serving temperature of your wine matter?

by Jess Ruciack What’s the best temperature to serve my wine? Does it matter if it’s a really hot day and I’ve just grabbed a bottle of Shiraz off my wine rack? Should I be drinking my Riesling icy cold? These, and many more variations, are questions we get asked a lot in Cellar Door,… more info

Behind the Vines Tasting Experience

by Elderton Wines Cellar Door   Have you ever wondered just what it takes to make great wine? What the difference really is between the thousands of litres of wines produced in Australia and the few truly celebrated great wines of the world? Behind the Vines is the ultimate wine experience for discerning wine lovers. The… more info