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The Elderton Wines Blog

Does serving temperature of your wine matter?

by Jess Ruciack What’s the best temperature to serve my wine? Does it matter if it’s a really hot day and I’ve just grabbed a bottle of Shiraz off my wine rack? Should I be drinking my Riesling icy cold? These, and many more variations, are questions we get asked a lot in Cellar Door,… more info

Valentine Treats – The Elderton Guide

By Karli Currie It is that time of year again, no, not Christmas, New Year or your dear mothers’ birthday – It is Valentines day. Arguably one of the most ‘awkward’ giving days of the year. A marketer’s dream? Maybe… A ploy for florists around the world to make more money than they do for… more info

Behind the Vines Tasting Experience

by Elderton Wines Cellar Door   Have you ever wondered just what it takes to make great wine? What the difference really is between the thousands of litres of wines produced in Australia and the few truly celebrated great wines of the world? Behind the Vines is the ultimate wine experience for discerning wine lovers. The… more info

Command vineyard turns 125!

by Jess Ruciack Guess what! The Command Shiraz vineyard is celebrating its 125th birthday this year! This is an outstanding achievement for a vineyard. As you’ve heard us say many times, we are proud to be custodians of the Command Shiraz vineyard, planted in 1894. When Neil and Lorraine and their boys moved to the Elderton… more info