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Sticky Anyone?

by Karli Currie If you hear the name “Elderton Wines” you think of our Barossa Shiraz right? Or perhaps our Barossa Cabernet Sauvignon and its significant win of the Jimmy Watson Trophy years ago comes to mind, either way I am pretty sure a sweet wine is not the first thing that appears in your… more info

So much to catch up on, including pointy caravans

by Cameron Ashmead BLOGTIME! It has been 4 months since my last light-hearted blog and soooo much as happened. In that time we have only opened our new stunning Cellar Door, had a major tennis tournament at said Cellar Door, even celebrated Christmas, had a well-earned summer break and even mourned (not literally luckily) losing… more info

The Christmas Season – Tis’ it Fun or Not??

We love Christmas time here at Elderton Wines. Time for fun, friends, family and most importantly good wine and food! We do however understand that it can also be a stressful time of the year, and we have a few ‘Elderton Help Aids’… Firstly, time… where does it go? Between the children finishing up at… more info

Ever stayed in an AirBNB without proper beds? I have…

I fully recognise and admit that I am very fortunate getting to travel the world to talk all things Elderton, it normally gives rise to meeting some great people and a few fun stories here and there. I have just landed back in Australia after spending 2 weeks on the road in the US. One… more info

The Elderton Tennis Classic – A Unique Barossa Winery Experience

On Sunday the 12th of November 2017 we are excitingly introducing a new event to our winery diary. With wineries quite often searching for unique events that allow them to share their wine, hospitality and stories with their customers, old and new, we feel this is going to be something pretty special. A mixed doubles… more info

Fancy a little sneak peak of something spectacular?

A bit of change of pace this blog instalment. After 3 years of planning, it is finally starting to take shape. If unsure, we are talking about our new Cellar Door that hopefully will be revealed officially in October sometime. After travelling the world looking at cellar doors as far flung as Eden Valley, Europe,… more info


Jules and I have just landed back from a week in southern England.  Admittedly we were a bit worried before travelling with some of the incidents that have happened there in the last 3 months, but truth be told we had no reason at all to fear anything in hindsight.  It is such an incredible… more info

Tasmania and Floating on Air

Every year post vintage our winemaker Richard, our viticulturist Peter Wild, Al and I venture off into the great unknown and go and investigate a wine region (purely for educational purposes of course).  This is now a 3 year tradition.  Last year we were wowed by the Disneyland like features of the Hunter and the… more info

What to eat…. with Grenache based blends

  As humans we seek advice from others on many things. What to wear, where to go, who to go with, what to eat, what to drink and…. what to eat and drink together. With the trend of Grenache based wines getting stronger and therefore making them easier to obtain you may find yourself wondering… more info


The biggest happening here at Elderton since my last blog has definitely been vintage. Everyone naturally asks and says – so how was it? Hand on heart, I can honestly say 2017 was excellent. All the Barossan winemakers are strutting around proud as punch with the wines that they have made. Ours, Richard is no… more info