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A Champion Team


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Something that we don’t talk about enough in the Buzz is the incredible team of supremely talented people that we have working here at Elderton. With the Ashmeads at the helm (Cam and Jules, Al and Bec), the successes Elderton enjoy would not be possible without significant contributions from multiple people across the many components of our family business. This is a thank you to our remarkable bunch!

In the vineyard we have Peter, Conrad and Steve. And between the three of them we have an immense amount of learned knowledge, history in vineyards, mechanical expertise and a desire to produce the best grapes possible from our amazing vineyards.

Elderton Barossa Valley winery vineyard-team

Stationed in the winery we have Jules and Brock, winemaker extraordinaires, who, along with Damo in the cellar, craft wines from our remarkable winery. The fact they got through vintage 2022 with three weeks of solid covid interruptions to the team (and that Brock worked the whole vintage on crutches after tearing ligaments off the bone) absolutely speaks volume of the commitment and excellence that this small team has. A special mention goes also to Zac who is on hand to keep all our equipment working.

In the office we have Jess who is a whizz on computers and writes like a champion, Bec who oversees dotting all i’s and crossing all t’s, Michael and Hana make sure the numbers add up and DW traverses the country convincing restaurants and friendly retailers to represent our family’s wines.

Elderton cellar door + small victories wine co cellar door

Our sensational Cellar Door team of Jodhi, Karli, Ron, Carolyn, Fiona, and Jaime are the absolute best in the business, and I challenge anyone to find a better tasting experience in Australia!

It would also be amiss to not mention Heather and Kirsty who are our cleaning angels. And we can’t ignore Chris in the gardens either. What he can get done in a week blows everyone away.

And finally, we have the boys in the warehouse, Steve and Tom, with bulging biceps from lifting so many cartons of wine. This and the fact that stocktake is always right is a phenomenal achievement.

Thanks team. You all rock. Together let’s bring on more good times.


[view the story as a PDF]

Story from our newsletter, the Elderton Buzz – October 2022 edition

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