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The Elderton Wines Blog


It has been a while since I last posted a blog.  Sorry about that.  I have been busy in my defence.  I even took a holiday!  Here’s Wills my second son showing daddy how he mastered the slopes a couple of weeks ago.

Makes you so proud.  Pretty good for 2 days of skiing.

Talking about anything but wine – how amazing were the Olympics?  Australia did very well.  But the guy Al & I liked best was our Jamaican sprinting friend, the one and only Nickel Ashmeade.  Nickel, in the very likely event that you are reading this blog, Al & I would love to look after you in the Barossa if only because your name is extremely similar to ours and we don’t know that many other Ashmeads.  Maybe we are even related?  Oh also you won gold in Rio, which is pretty cool as well.


The wine highlight of the last month or so was spending time on the Goldie with one of my favourite wine groups – the Ashmore Steak & Seafood lunching group or ASS for short.  I am not sure why they have that name, but truth be told it is so apt.  We feasted on some pretty special stuff.  Here they are below, all in their prime, especially the bandit down the end of the table.

ashmore steak

Although caution, as lunching like this will make you finish up in someone’s cellar later in the evening drinking Yarra Valley Cabernet.  For the record Pat (below right if unsure for all of you readers) you have wonderful hair.


Onwards & Upwards!  Cheers Cameron Ashmeade (here’s to you Nickel)