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The Elderton Wines Blog

Cam’s blog – May 2019

by Cameron Ashmead

Hello Eldertonians

Jules and I took the kids to the red centre this month. WOW – what a spiritual experience.  Personally it was my first trip to that part of the world and it put into perspective how big and how remote Australia can be.

We spent a night in Alice Springs and walked through the Todd River to get to dinner. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Alice – that meant walking 200m across a dry river bed. Apparently it does run from time to time. Little Louis learnt how to handle snakes there as well.

We then ventured to Uluru. Apart from the flies it was awesome. We kitted the boys up in fly masks.

We did try and buy some hats with corks dangling off them, but surprisingly they were not offered for sale.

But ‘the rock’ was simply stunning for the sunrise and, for that matter, sunset. It was also made better by a few bottles of Elderton Cabernet that took the chill off the cold nights.

Until the next installment,