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The Elderton Wines Blog


Jules and I have just landed back from a week in southern England.  Admittedly we were a bit worried before travelling with some of the incidents that have happened there in the last 3 months, but truth be told we had no reason at all to fear anything in hindsight.  It is such an incredible country with such rich history and most importantly some incredible food nowadays, which I tried to eat most of.

What is amazing to note about English folk is how resilient they are and how they all have this ‘just carry on’ nature, apart from when the temperature goes over 30ᵒC when they all wilt like fairy dolls and put hankies on their heads.  A little strange to us Aussies.

Sharing the Australian Wine and Elderton Wines story in the UK

We were in the UK to do our importers (Berry Brothers & Rudd) biannual tastings.  These are pretty stunning tastings where you get to try some pretty impressive wine from all around the globe.  Makes us feel somewhat humbled to be in the room with some of the other producers.  Here is Jules about to meet the Queen at Windsor Castle….

Jules at Windsor Castle when in the UK showing Elderton Wines and sharing the Barossa story.Cheers, Cam.