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The Elderton Wines Blog

The Christmas Season – Tis’ it Fun or Not??

We love Christmas time here at Elderton Wines. Time for fun, friends, family and most importantly good wine and food! We do however understand that it can also be a stressful time of the year, and we have a few ‘Elderton Help Aids’…
Christmas Time Elderton WinesFirstly, time… where does it go? Between the children finishing up at school, concerts, carols, parades, work shows, friend catch ups, sporting club wrap parties, work, gift purchasing, decorating the house all Christmassy (including finding the decorations from last year) it can all be quite the juggle.

Secondly, to expand from the list above….

Kids PlayingSchool is nearly over and that does not only mean you have the little rascals at home for the next 6 or so weeks, but you need to entertain them. This sometimes means mess and the endless hours of clean up afterwards – lucky for us we have ‘hot’ summer, and Christmas period – the kids can happily play outside. ELDERTON HELP AID – 2017 Eden Valley Riesling, crisp and fresh, perfect to sip on while casting an observing eye on the children.

Christmas Parade Elderton Truck & KidsChristmas Parades and Carols – They seem like a good idea at the time, and they are… the people participating love them, and the excitement on the faces of the children and adults alike watching them is priceless! That is if you do not need to put hours of work into costumes etc before the event. Unfortunately, the Barossa Christmas Parade had to be cancelled this year because of the safety and welfare of everyone (forecasts of storms and treacherous weather) but previous years have been full of excitement for the Elderton team and their kids participating with the old Elderton Chev truck. ELDERTON HELP AID – 2014 Ode to Lorraine, rich and full bodied, great stress relief when those pom-poms just won’t sit right on your elf costume.

Elderton Wines StaffWork shows, friend catch ups and sporting club wrap parties – What fun!!!!! Mostly!!! Once you have ticked off the task of purchasing your ‘Kris Kringle’ gift (sometimes funny, sometimes not…) its time to enjoy the drinks and food that flow freely, all whilst trying to not embarrass yourself so you get invited back to next year’s event (and back to work). ELDERTON HELP AID – 2017 Barossa Rosé, it will start every occasion off with the perfect balance of tang and delicacy.

CashBuying Christmas presents can be quite the struggle, even if you do have a great idea, or some suggestions, finding (and affording) many of these requests can be the real problem.  Try some DIY projects that may be more cost effective, and mean a lot more when made from the heart. ELDERTON HELP AID – 2015 Barossa GSM, smooth and delicious, it will help your creative ideas come into fruition (although no guarantees ????).

Christmas Lights TangledDecorating the house (after finding the Christmas decorations from last year and ensuring they are not broken, or that they still work if ‘light ups’) is either an honoured tradition or honoured hassle depending on how organized you are. Either way, whether you go ‘over the top’ or a ‘token gesture’ a little bit of Christmas cheer around the place certainly makes the season seem real. ELDERTON HELP AID  – 2015 Barossa Cabernet Sauvignon, the blackcurrant, plum, cassis and dark chocolate flavours will make you hang those lights like never before, all great prep for Christmas day.

Santa WinkUltimately, this is a fun time of year, you can certainly feel a level of excitement in the air and it will all be over before we know it. Enjoy, relax and breathe it in, embrace your loved ones and share your best wines – we certainly will be here.

From the Ashmead Family and the rest of the Elderton Team we wish you a safe, fun filled festive period, and a fantastic new year ahead. Cheers!!