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Food match ideas for Chardonnay

Today is Chardonnay Day, being celebrated around the world, so we thought it was the perfect time to chat about food matches to enjoy with Chardonnay.

Chardonnay, like any variety, can be produced in many different styles. From a fruit-driven, unoaked style through to heavily oaked, and of course as a sparkling wine, the perfect food match will depend on the style of the Chardonnay you are looking to enjoy.

Our Eden Valley Chardonnay spent 8 months in French oak, with sur lie and battonage, so it does have some of the creamy texture and hints of toasty oak on the palate, without overpowering the fruit.

pouring Eden Valley Chardonnay food matches

Food matches for Chardonnay

For food matches, of course, the traditional but super tasty roast chicken is always a winner. For a quicker mid-week meal, try some chicken breasts and veg with a creamy garlic sauce or crank up the bbq to cook some dukkah-crusted chicken tenders served with a pear and rocket salad.

Our Chardonnay will also match with most seafood dishes – pan-fried fillets, roast salmon, crab cakes, creamy mornays and more.

If you’d like to have a meat-free meal, creamy pasta sauces with sundried tomatoes, baby spinach and cashews will do just nicely. Or maybe gnocchi with a burnt butter and sage sauce. You could also try corn and feta fritters or bruschetta with roast pumpkin and caramelised onion.

If the Chardonnay you’re enjoying is unoaked (like our ESeries) and has those bright, crisp and more fruity flavours, then pairing with lighter style dishes is suitable. Think zucchini, peas and mushrooms, with poached chicken and lemon butter.

Food pairings for Sparkling or Champagne

Sparkling wines can be made from chardonnay grapes (eg blanc de blanc Champagne) or often a blend of chardonnay and pinot noir. And there can be other grapes used, too.

Wondering what to eat while having a glass of Sparkling or Champagne?

The acidity of the Sparkling will cut through the creamy, fattiness of dishes, so you can enjoy creamy cheeses on a platter or a terrine. Or for something casual for a Friday night, why not some fried chicken and hot chips for a great food match with bubbles!

Serving temperature of Chardonnay

If your Chardonnay is in your kitchen fridge, don’t forget to get it out the fridge ahead of the time you want to enjoy it! Our house fridges are generally 3-4°C, and this is too cold for most whites to show their best. This is especially the case for Chardonnay that has spent time in oak.

For more info, check out our wine serving temperature blog.


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