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Elderton Wines blog Cam's Travels 23 September 2016 image

The Land of the Fried Pickle

I am currently in the land of the fried pickle*. For the record that is not our Viti: Peter Wild’s place.  I am loving it here and in all seriousness how can you not love the US.  It is my last major overseas expedition for the year and I admittedly am very much looking forward to coming home, but I still love it here.  If anything I have missed all of the rain in the Barossa in the last couple of weeks, which seems to be the major talking point back home.

That said I have had the opposite problem.  Triple 100s in Jacksonville Florida.  To be more precise 100⁰F (38⁰C), 100% humidty and 100 beers.  The photo below is me with our head US Elderton guru/yoga freak Gregg watching the Jacksonville Jags play the Green Bay Packers last weekend.  Phaaaaark it was hot!  Drank water and beer for 5 hours straight and sweated it all out without moving from the seat.  I am not sure I will do that again….  How good do we look though?

Fan Person


I had a great time travelling in Florida with some unlikely companions.  Namely Chris Tyrrell from the Hunter and Richelle Collier from Spy Valley in NZ.  Who would have thought?  Below is a picture of the guru, Gregg, Richelle and Mr Tyrrell taking a well-earned rest….  Seriously, you have to believe me.



We cut it up seriously.  OK, the cutting was later that night at one of the best wine experiences you can do anywhere on earth in Tampa Bay at Bern’s Steak House.  Think old fashioned food with a MASSIVE cellar that has been accumulated over the last 50+ years, which they charge almost nothing for.   We drank 71 Rheingau, 79 Ridge Zin, 78 Napa Syrah, 04 Barossa amongst others for almost more pocket money than I give my kids every week.  Highly recommended people!  JDI.

I then moved on to Canada this week where I had guest stints in Calgary with Gerry, who took me to Banff an absolute gorgeous place, where we stood in front of the 3,000m+ high mountains.  I can prove it below as Gerry is doing it below.  Gerry and Diana have been selling our wine there for 19 years.  Just amazing.  Thanks so much.

Banff Canada


Luckily I stood in front of some of our wine in Toronto to show that I do care and have done something.  Here I am presenting some E Series Red.  It was a hard job, but someone has to do it

Wine Toronto Show

*    See no difference?

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