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Brisbane Good Food & Wine Show

The Barossa wine community that travels together – Good Food & Wine Show

By Karli Currie

I do not think it is any secret that the Barossa community is ‘tight knit’ and the wine community in particular is always looking out for each other. There is no better proof of this than when travelling to events such as the Good Food & Wine Shows (held in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth every year).

Barossa Good Food & Wine Show Sign

16 varying Barossa wine producers each year cross the borders to show our amazing wines to the rest of Australia. As a group we consolidate stock, unpack and pack it all up together, as they say, many hands make light work.

Barossa Good Food & Wine Show Crew

Recommending other wineries wines is something we take great pride in doing also. Quite often the consumers attending these types of shows do not have the time or money to travel to all of the wine regions of Australia so when they enter the ‘Barossa region/area’ at the show we love to share with them the sense of comradery we have back home. If they are looking for something in particular that we do not cater for there (unfortunately we cannot take our whole range for tasting) we suggest others, whether it be the producer we are standing right next to or down the other end of our ‘pavilion’.

We are actually heading to the Brisbane Good Food & Wine Show at the end of this month, and we love sending people over to see the Rolf Binder crew to try their Barossa Bull’s Blood Shiraz Mataro Pressings and the Soul Growers boys for their Equilibrium GSM. Rojomoma show their exciting range including their Red Art Barossa Grenache as well as Gibson’s with their traditional Barossa wines.

Jodhi - Barossa Good Food & Wine Show

Further abroad, events like Prowein/Prowine (the below pic is from Cam and Allister in Dusseldorf) prove this fact also. Whilst It is not only wineries from the Barossa that attend this international event, it shows that the wine industry as a whole is a very supportive one.

Cam & Al Prowien 2016

Many industries are competitive, everyone doing what they can to get ahead of the rest, but not in the wine industry. With so many varying factors to make every single wine different (terrior/soil, climate, altitude, rainfall, pruning methods not to mention what happens when the grapes actually reach the winery) it really does come down to personal taste and requirements. Why not have each other’s backs and support our industry and friends  – especially when it can be so much fun doing so.