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2019 heralds a new beginning

This is a very exciting time for our three estate vineyards covering the breadth of the magnificent Barossa. With new hirings, new technology, new equipment and a mindset to be the absolute best of the best, Elderton is embarking on a renewed sustainability production plan to ensure that the fruit that Jules Ashmead and Brock Harrison get to work with in the winery is nothing less than first class.

Peter Wild, our intrepid Vineyard Manager, has been joined by our first ever graduate Viticulturist, Conrad Pohlinger, along with Steve Scholtus as our man on the ground to ensure that the vineyards get the attention they need. These new team members not only mean that we have more manpower than ever before, but we have more expertise, more science and more general know-how to track the growth, health and future of the vineyards that make our wines.


The concept that is at the forefront of everyone’s minds is sustainability and it is the Ashmead’s desire that we not only control the destiny of some of the world’s oldest vineyards, but also ensure the long term health and viability of all our vineyards, including the new plantings.

The future as we see it is a return to the past. It is about soil health, creating biodiversity and allowing vineyards to excel through more care and attention. Chemical treatments have been absolutely minimised, and things like native grasses and mulch from our own compost pit will give the vines a solid foundation to get through the good and the tougher seasons as climate change will continue to be forefront in our thinking.

New watering systems are being implemented, allowing us to use our very limited water resources smarter and more effectively. A frost fan has even been purchased to try and mitigate the terrible effects of unseasonable frosts, which was the cause of much devastation last season where Elderton’s Nuriootpa vineyard lost between 70–90% of our expected yield (which is terrible news for Command and Ashmead lovers).

A bright future

It is the Ashmead family’s belief that placing even more resources into our most important asset will ensure the future remains bright, as we slowly creep towards the third generation taking over at Elderton, and we will continue to produce some delicious and compelling wines along this journey from some really healthy and happy vineyards.