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The Elderton Wines Blog

Out and About with Elderton – October 2020 Buzz edition


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See where Elderton has been out and about over the last few months,
as we share our photos along with those sent in by Commanders and Eldertonians!

Send Jess your snaps of Elderton out and about to 

Possibly the cutest puppy ever, finding a little bed in a Command box – meet Benny, who spends his time with great Elderton supporter Darren


Cameron with Lauren, the 2020 Elderton Winemaking Excellence Scholarship awardee


Tamzen enjoyed a 1984 Cabernet Merlot in September


Angus and Cameron after the 6 hour bike relay at Melrose


Some very cool new wedges, branded specially for Commander Justin


The 2020 Helbig 1915 Shiraz during ferment in oak


A stunning shot of a Command vine by Dragan Radocaj


Peter, Conrad, Jules and Brock at our Craneford vineyard


Allister, Dragan Radocaj, Fred Stolle, Lauren Mudge, Sandon Stolle, Leonora Radocaj and Matt Pick enjoyed a day of tennis, wine and food at Cellar Door



[view story as a PDF]
Story from our newsletter, the Elderton Buzz – October 2020 edition