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The Elderton Wines Blog

Pairing food with Rosé

by Jess Ruciack

Today, 25 June, is International Rosé Day, so we’re using the opportunity  to share what we will be planning for food and wine matches with a glass of rosé tonight!

It is hard to argue that the world isn’t going through a rosé revolution. Historically thought of in Australia as a wine for beginners, possibly sweeter and richer styles, many Australian producers now showcase sophisticated, dry rosés that have been crafted to enjoy in any setting.

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Food and wine matches for Rosé

Rosés with a creamy palate texture and savoury notes, balanced with vibrant red fruits, are great matches for lighter savoury dishes. Our Winemaker Brock says, “think antipasto or charcuterie platters, quiche and chicken salad.” Rosés of this style would also match well with salmon or prawn dishes, or simply a fabulous tin of Ortiz Anchovies.

food and wine match for Roséwine and food pairing for Rosé













Jodhi, our Cellar Door Manager, also suggests you might like to pair a rosé with this asparagus recipe, when the asparagus is fresh and in season in your region.

The below dish was the food and wine match with our rosé at the dinner to celebrate our Cellar Door opening in 2017 – Hiramasa kingfish served two ways: raw with lemon puree, basil, capers and agromato olive oil; and seared with chorizo, toasted peppers and coriander.

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We hope you’ve found some inspiration with the food and wine match suggestions we’ve shared to pair with a rosé.

Remember, don’t be afraid to experiment with your food and wine pairing – whilst people might tell you there are ‘rules’ we each have our own preferences and everyone’s palate is different.

If you create a great food and wine match, we’d love you to share with us – email or tag us @eldertonwines on your social media.