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Updated Packaging


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There have been a few changes to packaging for the Exceptional Sites range of wines, which will be sure to either make people smile or alternatively be a little downcast.

In sad news for some, but happy news for Lorraine, the beloved pink label is no longer on the Ode to Lorraine as of the recently released 2017 vintage. Along with the pink label on Ode to Lorraine, the beloved 6-speed cap is no longer on the Neil Ashmead Grand Tourer Shiraz from the future 2018 release.

Elderton’s own bottle

Across the range we are now using the Elderton ‘Ashmead Crest’ proprietary bottle (like we use for Command and Ashmead) for all three Exceptional Sites wines. This means it is the end of the super heavy bottle in this range.

The decision to move away from the heavy bottles was based around several factors. Firstly, we take our sustainability pledge seriously and are looking to reduce our footprint in all areas of operation (vineyard, winery and Cellar Door). We are also aware that airlines will not accept the big, heavy bottles and we dream of people enjoying these wines at the pointy end of the plane (when we are able to travel again).

Thirdly, we have had many comments from loyal Commanders that the bottle we did use for the Ode to Lorraine and Neil Ashmead Grand Tourer Shiraz were painful to fit into wine fridges.

And finally, Allister’s wife Rebecca (who is in charge of production and logistics at Elderton) brought up the subject with him saying, “We make 16 different wines, use 10 different bottles, 10 different caps and have multiple label and box sizes.” Allister, being smart and thinking ‘happy wife, happy life’, then quickly decided we did need to make some simplifications!

We here at Elderton are really pleased with the new packaging and hope that you can all get used to them reasonably quickly.


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Story from our newsletter, the Elderton Buzz – October 2020 edition