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Brock Harrison


Brock Harrison - Elderton Winemaker

Brock joined the Elderton team in August 2019. He is really looking forward to rolling up his sleeves and getting his hands dirty, whilst collaborating with the viticultural team to ensure our vineyards are nurtured in a way that ensures we continue to produce high quality fruit expressive of the terroir. Once in the winery, the winemaking team are the guardians of quality and it is their job to ensure preservation of the inherent vineyard characteristics through the winemaking process, that is ultimately reflected in the finished product.

Brock’s philosophy on wine is simple “you are only as good as your next wine”, which drives him to always strive for continuous improvement in everything we do.

Outside of work, Brock enjoys spending time with his wife Lisa and daughters Ruby and Isla, playing (attempting to play) social basketball and escaping to the beach for some quality downtime.