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Elderton: A Vintage Story


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Elderton: A Vintage Story tells the history of Elderton Wines.

We worked on this book for over three years, and launched at our 40th Vintage celebrations in 2021.

An excerpt from the first chapter:

It is impossible to separate Elderton Wines from the Ashmead family. For four decades the Ashmeads have loved and cared for the land that supports the vines, that grow the grapes, that produce the wine that has seen this remarkable company thrive.

It’s the strong, stead pull of family at their centre that gives them their competitive edge. Stability affords time and, as anyone knows, time is of the essence when it comes to wine; time to get things wrong, and then right; time to see what works, and time to let an idea ride out. Time to plant Zinfandel, just to see what happens.

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