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An Outstanding Vineyard, An Amazing Vintage


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Helbig 1915 Shiraz vineyard Greenock Elderton Wines

On 1 October, Elderton will be releasing the newest vintage of Helbig 1915 Shiraz, from 2021.

It is now just ticking over a dozen years since we took ownership of the Helbig vineyard on the Western Ridge of the Barossa, which has its earliest plantings going back to 1915. It is a stunning property of rolling hills and beautiful views down through the Barossa, towards the peaks of the Eden Valley to the east. These 108-year-old Shiraz vines have battled through every element to survive, and today sit in one of the truly elite vineyards in the whole Barossa Valley.

We feel the 2021 Helbig 1915 Shiraz to be the best we have ever made under this label. We believe that after many years of farming this land, we now have this vineyard and this wine exactly where we want it to be.


Conrad (our head viticulturist) has been instrumental in his absolute hands-on approach to this block. He has expertly hand pruned the vineyard on his own. And through the entire season has made judicious
decisions, using sustainable practices to ensure the highest fruit quality and future longevity.

Many have suggested that this is his absolute baby among all the blocks on our four amazing vineyards!


Jules and Brock have left no stone unturned in the quest for excellence. Not content with the status quo, and in search of perfection, since 2020 we have had trials of fermenting in new French oak puncheons (500L barrels with the heads punched out of them), fermenting at cool temperatures, with hand plunging regularly for colour and tannin.

The result of this drive for excellence, in the vineyard and winery, is now evident in the latest release. We are confident that from the very few bottles we send out to the best wine press in the world, that this is destined for some truly great scores.

This is a wine for the true Barossa Shiraz enthusiast, however tiny volumes unfortunately mean that there will not be many lucky enough to have this in their cellar.


The 2021 Helbig 1915 Shiraz will be released via our mailing list on 1 October 2023.

[view the story as a PDF]

Story from our newsletter, the Elderton Buzz – September 2023 edition

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