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Command, Ashmead – Arrived Early This Year


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2020 Command Shiraz Halliday review

For the first time in our family history, the decision was made to change the release date of our beloved Command Shiraz and Ashmead Cabernet Sauvignon. Normally released to the world on 1 March, from now on we will release these wines on 1 September.

Over the past couple of years, we have been bottling a little earlier (meaning less time in new oak), to ensure we capture more intense colours and brightness in these world-famous wines. It is our belief that this new timing will truly lead to better quality wines.

It is also our feeling that this is a better time of the year: it does not interfere with harvest, is cooler to ship the wines, and leading into Christmas there is something special to look forward to. We hope you share our enthusiasm here.


The 2020 Command Shiraz is a remarkable wine. Faced with adverse conditions at the start of summer, with 40+ degree temperatures and 100km winds coinciding with flowering, we knew in advance for the second year in a row we were faced with a much smaller harvest than hoped for (around 65% down on the norm).

Sparse and small bunches on vine, and small berries, all ensured that colours, flavours and natural tannin were ramped up in the 2020 Command. We believe this has created a wine of immense proportions and will drink sensationally well into the long term given good cellaring conditions.



This is also the first Command that has been wholly made by our winemaking wonder team of Jules Ashmead and Brock Harrison. Jules and Brock took over the reins halfway through 2019 and represent the beginning of the third generation of Command winemaking since inception.

The first was with James (Jim) Irvine consulting and wines made at Peter Lehmann’s. The second was building our own winery, with Richard Langford as Senior Winemaker.


The 2021 Ashmead Cabernet Sauvignon is also now available and unlike last year there was some available past the day of release! 2021 provided perfect vintage conditions – this is top shelf Australian Cabernet that will put a smile on the face of any Cabernet lover.



Both wines have received some wonderful reviews from the elite press here in Australia, and with more to come we feel they are indeed worthy of their status as some of Australia’s greatest wines, from some of the Barossa’s greatest vineyards.

Available online or in Cellar Door. Throughout September, visit Cellar Door to taste both wines (not generally on tasting.)

The 2020 Command Shiraz is also available in magnum (1.5L) and 6L bottles. Contact Cellar Door for more details.

[view the story as a PDF]

Story from our newsletter, the Elderton Buzz – September 2023 edition

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