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The Elderton Wines Blog


The biggest happening here at Elderton since my last blog has definitely been vintage. Everyone naturally asks and says – so how was it? Hand on heart, I can honestly say 2017 was excellent. All the Barossan winemakers are strutting around proud as punch with the wines that they have made. Ours, Richard is no different and deservedly so. It is great to see him come out of vintage, because during vintage he is extraordinarily focused. His new policy worked well in the winery this year as well:
Morale image

The team this year in the cellar has been special. We have had people from Germany, New Zealand, Italy, China, Canada and a couple of Aussies help us (#diversityrocks). Below we have the 2 German boys on ANZAC day at a 3 quarter time huddle with the Nuriootpa Tigers in the background. Both admitted after the game that the Nuriootpa Rover Football Club is better and more successful than their team Bayern Munich FC. I think they admitted this because of all the stuff they broke in the cellar during vintage. I can’t wait to go their wineries and break stuff.
Fabian & Max

I have also been getting strange coffees during the month served to me. See below, but I am convinced it was meant for our trusty insurance broker (ISJ) who was sitting next to me at the time in tight fitting clothing. Pictured (he is not the cheeky monkey for the record).

Although on reflection I may have had that coffee served to me quite appropriately, as Jules, Bec and I successfully completed a 33.7km trail run through Eden Valley over the hills last weekend. What was I thinking? At no stage was the run fun or remotely fun. It is going to have to be sold to me a lot better in future. Please note for future reference people, that lunching is always the better option than running as that was the choice I had at the time.

Also, if you want to see what a real live wine selling machine looks like, look no further. The boys and girls from Fesq Sydney entertaining me at the Swans Collingwood game. It was great apart from the fact that the Swans lost (again!). Thanks Team Fesq for being ace.
Swans footy

Cheers, Cameron