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The Elderton Wines Blog

Cam’s blog – June 2019

by Cameron Ashmead

Hello Eldertonians

I am fresh off a recent European jaunt, where I visited the Czech Republic, Germany and the UK.  It was great, if only because the Barossa is ice cold and sometimes wet at the moment and it was almost summer over there.

The Czech Republic is just beautiful and full of delivery trucks with Elderton bottles on the side of them. 

Elderton in Czech Republic

Also it had glorious creamy beers that David was very forthcoming with.

Enjoying beer in Czech Republic

Then it was off to sunny Germany.  Working around Frankfurt I managed to find a little 747 there. My boys were very jealous of this.  It was a great going back to the old stomping ground.

Cam with Lufthansa model plant

Next stop was the UK, staying in central London it amazing to see how the 1% of 1% live. 

London street cars

But I did manage some work doing an incredible portfolio tasting with our long time importer there Fields, Morris & Verdin.  Here I am with a fellow Aussie – Hunter (Franklin Estate) coming up for air during the tasting.

It wasn’t all work though, the group did manage a few cheeky pints.  This is a before photo.

Australian wine tasting in London

Cheers, Cam