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What to eat…. with Grenache based blends


As humans we seek advice from others on many things. What to wear, where to go, who to go with, what to eat, what to drink and…. what to eat and drink together. With the trend of Grenache based wines getting stronger and therefore making them easier to obtain you may find yourself wondering what food should I be devouring whilst drinking.

The evolving problem with this query is that Grenache blends (even Grenache as a sole variety) can be made in many different styles, be it a lighter almost rose’ type through to a heavier, fuller bodied wine. Your first question will need to be which Grenache blend am I drinking?

Typically the spice in Grenache sees it matching superbly with roasted meats and vegetables, stews, heavier game birds (ie turkey) as well as curries and many ethnic foods. Drinking a lighter style you may find cured meats, dark fish or a smokey barbecue the way to go.

cured meat platter

As a general rule of thumb avoiding citrus based meals, salads and ‘raw’ dishes will probably hold you in good stead for enjoying your Grenache blend with whatever you find yourself dreaming of…

The Elderton Barossa GSM (Grenache Shiraz Mourvedre) with its rich, elegant and textural palate sees it perfectly paired with a lush tomato based pasta sauce, maybe even a slow braised lamb ragu.

mid-week-lamb-ragu-92302-1 ImageEqually as delicious would be roast turkey, with lots of root vegetables, especially in these cooler months.

For something a little more casual the Elderton Western Ridge Grenache Carignan matches superbly with blue cheese (afternoon by an open fire perhaps…)

Western Ridge and Udder Delights blue cheese

or even try it with Pumpkin Pie at Thanksgiving (or anytime), the spices working together are something else!

Western Ridge and Pumpkin Pie for Thanksgiving

Ultimately you can let your imagination run free because of the diverse nature of the Grenache and blend.

Go get some!!!!

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