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The Elderton Wines Blog

Euro Trip

I always love going to Denmark – even their winter rocks.  What is not to love about it?  The people, food and the places are maybe off the beaten track to most, but I would highly recommend it.  The people there are fun in whatever language they speak.  They are crazy, love a good time and they are insanely good looking – much better than downtown Nuriootpa.

There is always an exception to the rule though and that exception here is Per, who sells Elderton in Jutland.  His face has been blacked out thankfully in the picture below.  He took me this amazing lunch and then made me walk around a rainbow on top of their modern art museum in Aarhus.  Even Adam ‘Neil Perry’ Fletcher would have loved it!  Thank you Denmark for having me and being so special.

perindenmark    meal1 meal2

I also had the pleasure there of meeting and doing a joint wine dinner with one of champagne’s funniest guys,  Jean-Francios Clouet from Andre Clouet in aptly named Bouzy.  He is making some great bubbles.  His accent meant that all the ladies were throwing themselves at him or it could have been his bank balance.  Here he is showing the great unwashed how to open a bottle of champagne, as well as a few other snaps.

frenchie1 frenchie2 frenchie3

The show went on…. This time to the world’s largest wine fair in Dusseldorf Germany, called Prowein, which is strictly for trade.  There are 13 exhibition halls, all the size of soccer fields – full of wine.  If you knew 5% of all the labels there you would be doing well.  Elderton had a great show meeting our distributors and importers from all over the world.  Al even made a special appearance for a day and worked like a dog, wooing the punters about the wonders of old vine Shiraz in a special seminar.  Here are some photos including one of Al & I sitting down on the job.  Thanks to Langmeil for releasing copyright for the photo below.