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The Elderton Wines Blog

So much to catch up on, including pointy caravans

by Cameron Ashmead


It has been 4 months since my last light-hearted blog and soooo much as happened. In that time we have only opened our new stunning Cellar Door, had a major tennis tournament at said Cellar Door, even celebrated Christmas, had a well-earned summer break and even mourned (not literally luckily) losing our gun Barossa Valley Cellar Door person, Tush, to the big wide world. Our little Tushy all grown up – who would have thought! Here she is below with her new hairdo. Classy as always.

Elderton Wines Barossa Winery Cam and Tush

For those of you, who have been living under a rock and not heard about our new Cellar Door it has proved to be an absolute ratings winner. When the garden becomes a little more established it will be just out of this world. Below is a photo of Al, Mum and me before the official opening. You can see we are very serious, because we just found out Tush was leaving.

Elderton Wines Barossa Cellar Door Ashmead family

December was excellent. Just excellent. December is one of those months when beforehand you look at your diary and say how am I going to excel at all of the work, tennis, beach, bike riding, work parties and in my specific case 6 family birthday parties into the 20 or so days before the actual day of Christmas. But as always you just step up to the plate and execute. It is not good for your liver, but on the flipside good for people who own shares in Berocca. Here is one of the parties we had in the new Cellar Door, in the Commander Lounge. A great day with a few mates after playing some tennis.

Elderton Wines Barossa Valley Cellar Door lunch

The family even managed to find some time to go glamping in a pointy caravan! I am personally not going to do that again, though.

Elderton Wines Barossa winery Ashmead family camping

So we are all back at work and the grapes are ripening. How good is that? It is an exciting time of year this vintage thing.