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The Elderton Wines Blog

Shock, horror!


2017 might be a vintage that may not ever arrive. This time last year the vintage crew were frothing at the mouth about to start processing fruit, but this year with the cold and the wet that we have had, vintage this year may be like the Coonawarra. For the record that is not being wine muppets*, rather we might still be picking in May for some blocks! That said, before you worry too much, we have heard a few wise heads talk about this being a vintage to rival the perfect vintage 2012. My money is on the perfect vintage, especially with the warmer days being forecast for next week.

Since gallivanting around on Moreton Island earlier this year doing blissfully nothing, it has been time to get back to reality and actually achieve something. The most exciting news is that our new Cellar Door is coming on strongly and should be good to go by Spring this year. It is super exciting and we can’t wait to sit around on the big leather couches drinking Command or Fifteen with you readers in the grand surrounds of the 99 year old Elderton Homestead. Here is a shot from the new Cellar Door of the new road with the Command vineyard on the left. It’s happening…

Making of a road to Elderton's new Cellar Door

I have personally spread the Elderton story so far this year to Melbourne, Singapore, the UK and Germany. One of the highlights was lunching with long time Elderton supporters John and Damian who import our wine into the UK. They are lovable posh rogues, who get dressed up in smart red pants and even though are beautifully spoken still manage to cut with their unflappable wit. They look a lot like this:

pic 2

Whilst in the UK I also managed to go wine country in Surrey. Yes you heard right, wine country. Apparently 1 in 4 vintages is a complete shocker, but some of the wine that I tried was special, especially the bubbles. They even have organic vineyards there. No, I hear you say, but pictures do not lie.

Cameron Ashmead of Elderton Wines

‘Til next time.                       * For the record I do love the Coonawarra.  You only have to look at my personal cellar.

Cheers, Cam