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The Elderton Wines Blog

Fancy a little sneak peak of something spectacular?

A bit of change of pace this blog instalment. After 3 years of planning, it is finally starting to take shape. If unsure, we are talking about our new Cellar Door that hopefully will be revealed officially in October sometime.

After travelling the world looking at cellar doors as far flung as Eden Valley, Europe, the USA, the UK and even NZ! We reckon we have something that we can be super proud of. Bearing in mind it is still work in progress, one of the gods must have given her tick of approval recently by beaming a rainbow down on to it.View to House

There are all sorts of tradesmen beavering away at the moment including electricians, plumbers, carpenters, landscapers, painters, floorers and outside at moment looks like this ie… a worksite.Barossa Valley Wineries - Elderton Wines CD Reno

The converted 1918 classic gentleman’s bungalow, which originally housed the Tolley Family and then later the Ashmeads is surrounded by Elderton’s iconic vineyards and will, in the near future house a much bigger public tasting room, more private tasting rooms, a lounge and many other attributes that will be revealed in time. But have a look at the public tasting area sans bar, the spectacular glass cellar that currently is basically empty (although not for long) and a shot of the some of the sprawling landscaped gardens.Men sanding

Barossa Valley Wineries - Elderton Wines CD Reno Barossa Valley Wineries - Elderton Wines CD Reno

Excited? Hopefully you are, if not rest assured we are. As there will be much to reveal in time…