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Women in Wine

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In September the Australian Women in Wine Awards were celebrated at a gala ceremony in New York City. It was a grand affair, where the best Australian women in wine – from marketers, to winemakers to Cellar Door managers – were recognised.

Our own Jodhi Thoms made it to the final three in the Cellar Door category but was unlucky (in our humble and mildly unbiased opinion!) not to walk away with the title.

Allister was fortunate to be in NYC for these awards whilst on a recent sales trip, where it became apparent at how hard it has historically been for talented women to break into their desired dream roles in wine. As the father of three girls, Allister thought it was also exciting to see the opportunities that lay ahead for the next generation of trailblazers.

We are immensely proud to say that we at Elderton believe the future is bright for all talented people, regardless of sex, and have a fairly equal gender balance across our workforce. Highlighting this, in lead female roles we have Lorraine as owner of the business and UberBoss, Jules Ashmead as Head of Production (Winemaking and Viticulture), Samantha as our Accountant and Jodhi as our Cellar Door Manager.

Wine is for everyone

When considering wine and gender, it always strikes us as quite strange that the richer and more robust Shiraz and Cabernet based wines of the Barossa are regularly categorised as wine for men, when nothing could be further from the truth. Like fine art, the concept of wine is subjective and open for anyone to enjoy (whilst enjoying it with whatever they fancy at whatever time). Put bluntly, there should be no barriers and no solid rules.

Shiraz Sisterhood

If the Rosé Revolution (often called Brosé) has taught us that real men can drink Rosé, then we think it is time to absolutely bring out the Shiraz Sisterhood! To illustrate this, Jules and Jodhi share with us why they love great Barossa Shiraz:

JULES ASHMEAD – Head of Production

Big Barossan Reds – what is not to love?!

With some vibrant fruit and tannin to balance, the depth and complexity of a well-crafted Barossa Shiraz is hard to beat. Particularly in the winter months, with a (big!) slice of hard cheese, Barossa Shiraz is delicious.

The key is balance without over ripe fruit and correct acidity to help with freshness of fruit flavours.



JODHI THOMS – Cellar Door Manager

My love of bold Barossa reds began through hanging out with a bunch of slightly debauched winery kids.

We would raid their parents’ cellars and find the most amazing aged traditional Barossa wines, full of body, richness and earthy complexity.

For me Barossa Shiraz is still the most satisfying wine. The warmth and generosity of fruit never fails to speak to me of the place of origin, which is also reflective of the people and one of the reasons I call Barossa home.



Story from our newsletter, the Elderton Buzz – October 2019 edition