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To decant or not to decant…

by Jess Ruciack and Cameron Malouf To decant or not to decant… this is a question we often receive at Elderton regarding our red wines. Firstly, what is decanting? It is the function of pouring a bottle of wine into another glass container and serves two main purposes: keeping sediment out of your glass, and aerating…

RECIPE | Food and wine match: Earl Grey Panna Cotta with Golden Semillon

Recipe provided by Justin Miles from Windy Point Restaurant On Friday, 10 August, we held a Commander Seasonal Lunch at Cellar Door. We were excited to have Chef Justin Miles from Windy Point Restaurant as our guest chef at Elderton Wines. He created a delicious 5-course lunch which matched beautifully with our current release and…

Enjoy a taste of the Barossa at home!

The weather has turned in the Barossa, and with a chill (or more so a great deal of wind) in the air, we are looking to be cosy at home enjoying delicious food matched with delicious wine. Our good friend, Chef Peter Clarke, of Vintners Bar & Grill has kindly put together a recipe for us, to…